Wonderful DIY Handmade Heart Potholder

VIEW IN GALLERYhandmade Heart Potholder F Wonderful DIY Handmade Heart  Potholder

VIEW IN GALLERYHow to DIY Heart Shaped Potholder 1 Wonderful DIY Handmade Heart  PotholderMaking potholder is not only fun but will allow you to safely enjoy cooking and baking your favorite dishes and treats.If you cook or bake, you need this pot holder in the kitchen. Once you learn how to make potholders, you’ll find they are both easy and useful.
You will need to choose some fabric and padding that can withstand heat. Then cut out the templates and sew every piece together. You can pick some colorful and pretty patterned fabric and decorate it with buttons, beads …so it will also add a sweet touch to your kitchen. WONDERFUL !

Click HERE for more details (translated version).


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