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Pasta Salads: Cold, Refreshing and Delicious! 

Everybody loves pasta! Not only does it taste heavenly, there are also so many options to choose from – and we’re not just talking about the shape! Nowadays you can get gluten free pasta, vegan pasta and zero-carb pasta, so everybody can enjoy in this timeless food, no matter your dietary preferences! If you are itching for a refreshing and delicious pasta dish, check out these 13 pasta salad recipes! 

1. Ranch Pasta Salad 


The ingredients in the salad are absolutely important, but we all know the final flavor is heavily defined by the dressing. A good dressing can make you fall in love with any salad! If you love the classic ranch dressing, Together as Family has the perfect pasta salad recipe for you!

2. Italian Pasta Salad 


Nobody does pasta like the Italians! If you want to enjoy in the classic Mediterranean flavors, you can make yourself a big bowl of classic Italian pasta salad, per the recipe of I Wash You Dry! This particular blend of veggies and flavors is absolutely divine!

3. Mexican Pasta Salad 


Thanks to its incredible versatility, you can make a pasta salad that captures the essence of almost any cuisine from anywhere in the world. If you love indulging into Mexican food but would like to do so in a healthier way, check out Chelsea’s Messy Apron‘s spin on this pasta salad!

4. Greek Pasta Salad


If you are downright obsessed with the classic Greek salad but are still ready to try something new, Foodie with Family has a way to give your go-to Greek salad an element of tasty pasta! This is such a healthy and filling dish, it’s the perfect summer lunch!

5. Sesame Chicken Pasta Salad 


Your salad can absolutely have a distinct Asian flavor – all you have to do is mix together the right ingredients and spices! Thankfully, Little Spice Jar can guide you through the process and you can soon enjoy in a sesame chicken pasta salad!

6. Tuna Pasta Salad 


If you love seafood, you probably won’t be able to resist this creamy and flavorful pasta salad with tuna! You can actually prep this one a few days in advance if you have a busy schedule and then enjoy in a delicious and refreshing salad all week! Find the recipe at The Recipe Critic.

7. Broccoli Pasta Salad 


How do you feel about broccoli in your salad? Maybe this thought has never crossed your mind before, but we can assure you that it’s a brilliant idea! When it’s paired with your favorite selection of veggies, favorite type of pasta and a delicious dressing, broccoli really blends well with the other flavors! Check out the full recipe at Belly Full!

8. Lemon Herb Pasta Salad 


Pasta salads are our summer go-to choice of lunch, especially on the days when the temperatures outside are so high all we’re wishing for is something refreshing and light on the stomach. Keep it simple with this lemon herb pasta salad by Cafe Delites!

9. Chickpeas and Peas Pasta Salad 


Protein is always the hottest topic in all debates surrounding nutrition, so if you want to make sure that your salad is very protein-packed, adding some plant-based protein sources, such as chickpeas and green peas, is a great idea! See how it turned out at The Seasoned Vegetable!

10. Pesto Pasta Salad 


One of the reasons why pasta is so popular is because it’s very quick to make. You  only need a couple of minutes for it to cook, then you put some pesto over it and just like that you have a proper meal! Love to be in the Kitchen is going to show you how to turn a classic pesto pasta dish into a tasty salad!

11. Spaghetti Pasta Salad 


When you think of spaghetti, your mind probably jumps to a delicious tomato sauce, but today we’ll be expanding your horizons by showing you an idea for a spaghetti pasta salad! It’s creative, unconventional and definitely memorable! Head over to Homemade Hooplah for the details!

12. Cheddar and Dill Pasta Salad 

If there was a way to capture the flavor of mac & cheese into a salad, this recipe by Life Made Simple would probably come the closest! The combination of macaroni with a creamy dressing and cheddar cheese feels so indulging and the addition of dill adds the necessary freshness to the dish!

13. Crunchy Pasta Salad 


Some of us love it if a salad is a bit crunchy and exotic! If you easily get bored of repetitive meals or can’t possibly get on board with eating salads as standalone meals, this recipe for a crunchy salad by Chelsea’s Messy Apron has the potential to sway even the harshest critics!


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