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Classic and Outstanding Apple Desserts That Can Rival Grandma’s Apple Pie 

We all know that Grandma’s apple pie is the best in the world, but surely she won’t mind if she gets a little competition this year, right? Apple desserts have to be a part of your holiday table setting! They are perfect to enjoy along with a good pumpkin-flavored drink while you’re chatting with the family members you haven’t seen in weeks or months. Try out these classic and outstanding apple desserts that are going to be the hit of the occasion!

1. Apple Crisp Shortbread Bars


If you like to entertain your guests in a more interactive way, one where you’re all mingling with each other rather than sitting still, these apple crisp shortbread bars are the ideal dessert to serve as finger food. No forks needed! Find the recipe at Life Straight Up.

2. Apple Crisp in a Glass 


Sometimes a classic recipe needs a fresh and modern twist, to avoid being predictable but still impress with its familiar taste. Tastes Better From Scratch made the traditional apple crisp, then served it in a non-traditional way, in a high glass. The end result is elegant and tasty!

3. Apple Pie Bites 


Christmas means family is going to be coming in from all sides of the country or the world. When it’s time for them to leave again, things can get quite sad – but don’t let them leave empty handed! Bake The Blond Cook‘s apple pie bites they can take on the go and reminisce about the beautiful memories you’ve made!

4. Apple Turnovers 


Have you been craving some delicious and sweet turnovers lately? Good news, you can make them in your own kitchen and share them with your loved ones! For the filling we recommend you choose apples and something tells us Erren’s Kitchen would agree!

5. Apple Cinnamon Roll Cake 


If you want a proper, fulfilling dessert that is going to make your belly feel full to the brim, a holiday cake is an obvious choice! Rumbly in my Tumbly shares a recipe for a delicious cake that brings together the heavenly combination of apples and cinnamon rolls!

6. Apple Dumplings 


Once the main meal is cleared off the plate, many of us wish for something sweet to munch on, as we socialize with others around the table. Isn’t this the whole point of eating a dessert? Sugar Apron made outstanding apple dumplings that are going to win the hearts of anyone who tries them!

7. Caramel Apple Cheesecake 


If you are closely following the recipes we post up here, you’ll know we try to sneak a cheesecake recipe into almost every roundup. Here’s an idea for a sugary apple cheesecake that is dripping with warm caramel, brought to you by The Girl Who Ate Everything.

8. Apple Upside Down Cake 


Have you ever heard of an upside down cake? It’s a cake that is just as fun to make as it is to eat! The recipe is very simple, ideal for homemakers who hate the holiday stress and just want to make something delicious without spending seven hours in the kitchen. Apple upside down cake by Live Well Bake Often fits the description!

9. Apple Rose Tart 


It’s time to put your creative hat on, because you are about to create the holiday dessert that is going to be the centerpiece of all photographs! This apple rose tart is absolutely exceptional and a a true work of art. Baking a Moment shares the secret recipe!

10. Apple Hand Pies 


Apple hand pies are one of our all-time favorite apple desserts. They are fluffy, sweet and the inside is always a surprise! You’re going to want to make a big batch, because these puppies will definitely go fast! Snatch the recipe from Shugary Sweets!

11. Apple Pie Bars 


You absolutely want apple pie on your holiday table, but you want to give it a different twist this year! How about you turn it into simple bars that taste just like the classic pie, but are much easer to eat, especially if you have a house full of children? You’ll find the  ingenious recipe at Lovely Little Kitchen!

12. Apple Cookie Cups 


Cooke cups are one of those desserts that you can make a hundred times and always give it a different spin. What you put into them can vary depending on the season or who is coming to your house. Holidays call for delicious apple filling, so head over to Liv for Cake for the recipe!

13. Chocolate Apple Slices


We have yet to find a fruit that doesn’t pair with chocolate, but we don’t think such a fruit exists at all. Have you ever had chocolate covered apple slices? They are absolutely divine and the drizzle of caramel makes them even more special! Visit Mom Loves Baking if you want the details!


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