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Christmas Cupcakes That Are Perfect for the Christmas Eve 

Christmas Eve is easily one of the most delicious evenings in the entire year. As the whole family is gathered together to celebrate, most of the bonding happens over food. Sometimes it’s hard to find a dish that would make every family member happy, especially when it comes to dessert. Kids love one thing and adults another, but it’s safe to say that cupcakes are usually the common ground. Roll up your sleeves and put on your baking hat – it’s time to make Christmas cupcakes! 

1. Eggnog Cupcakes


Eggnog is a big part of Christmas! Not only can you drink it, there are also countless holiday eggnog recipes you can try! If you want to offer your family members a dessert they won’t be able to refuse, the eggnog cupcakes by My Organized Chaos are the winning ticket!

2. Gingerbread Cupcakes


If you’ve already started with your holiday baking, gingerbread cookies are undoubtedly a part of it! They are such a big holiday tradition we can barely imagine a festive table without it. Take the gingerbread lovin’ to a new level this year with Cooking Classy‘s epic gingerbread cupcakes!

3. Snowman Cupcakes


When the kids are playing in the backyard and making a snowman, you can secretly make snowman cupcakes in the kitchen, to surprise them when they come back indoors from their snowy adventure! Little Sunny Kitchen makes it all possible!

4. Reindeer Cupcakes 


Reindeer are the superstars of Christmas! Without them, how could Santa ever visit all of us and leave his presents under the tree? Honor the magical animals by making these reindeer cupcakes together with your kids! They will be so excited to bake with you! Your Cup of Cake shares the recipe and decoration tips.

5. Christmas Tree Cupcakes 


Make a smaller version of your Christmas tree and offer it to your guests as a snack! Preppy Kitchen made the tiniest, most realistic Christmas tree cupcakes that are going to make everyone do a double-take to make sure they are genuinely edible!

6. Polar Bear Cupcakes 


Santa and his reindeer fly to our homes all the way from the North Pole, but every year they forget to bring the polar bears along. Invite your kids to help you make these incredibly adorable polar bear cupcakes from Tesco Real Food and encourage them to share the cupcakes with their animal-loving friends!

7. Peppermint Mocha Cupcakes 


To tell you the truth, we can never resist anything that tastes like an expensive cup of coffee. If you want to recreate the classic peppermint mocha but give it a twist and capture the flavor within a cupcake, Baker by Nature is where you need to report for duty!

8. Tricolor Christmas Cupcakes 


Green, red and white – the colors that make the Christmas! When you love colors and try your best to incorporate them into your every creation, it’s hard not to make use of all the colors that are associated with a certain holiday. Luckily, you won’t need to give anything up if you make the tricolor Christmas cupcakes we found at Tidy Mom!

9. Festive Cupcakes 


Most cupcakes that are baked over the Christmas holidays have a purpose of being festive. The regular icing just won’t do – you have to go out of your way to decorate the cupcakes in a way that writes Christmas all over them. Learn the skills from Baking Mad!

10. Wreath Cupcakes 


What’s the one thing that can’t be missing from your holiday decorations? That’s right, a Christmas wreath! You know how much we love featuring classic recipes with special twists and we can’t deny that this wreath cupcake by Your Cup of Cake is one of our all-time favorites!

11. Red Velvet Cupcakes 


Maybe you swear by tradition and want your Christmas guests to enjoy in the classic Christmas atmosphere and food. You planned to make a proper red velvet cake, but now the lack of time has gotten the best of you. Keep calm and make Baker by Nature‘s exceptional red velvet cupcakes instead!

12. Snowflake Cupcakes 


Biting into a really good cupcake feels like your tastebuds are transported into a sweet wonderland. Why don’t you make cupcakes that feel like they truly are a part of the winter wonderland? Crafty Morning put giant snowflakes onto the cupcakes, making sure nobody overlooks them!


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